Getting a Gig

All enquiries relating to gigs at Bar Open need to be directed to band booker Dannie via email at

Here is some important information relating to band bookings

- Shows are generally booked between 6 – 10 weeks in advance.
- We are happy to consider any genre, but we feel some genres work better on
particular nights of the week.
- Bands have to work their way up to playing Friday/Saturday nights, so don’t expect
to be given a weekend booking if you are a new band or don’t have a considerable
- We provide a house sound engineer and door person for all shows
- Shows are a door deal. Friday and Saturday nights have a $1 per payer venue fee
while Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights attract a 50c per payer venue fee.

Please follow these steps when enquiring after band bookings

1. Clearly state the name of the band seeking a gig.
2. Provide a name and phone number of the band member/manager who handles
bookings for the band.
3. List links to your facebook and other band pages.
4. Deliver a full lineup or if it is not yet complete, give some ideas of bands that will
possibly play on the lineup.
5. Advise a suitable timeframe for the gig

Remember, if you are playing at Bar Open we have an expectation that you will promote
your show adequately. This includes providing the venue with posters, a media release,
facebook event, press photo etc.

If you’ve made it this far, you must be serious. Drop us a line.